Monday, February 11, 2008

Blogger Craft Club: Project 2, Complete

They're finished! The set of curtains for the family room are simply delightful to me!

Deviating from the use of a pattern after all, this task was a bit clumsy in preparation. I chucked the more formal idea of swags and jabots for simple lined panels and a basic valence. The end result? A warm, casual compliment to an already cozy room!

What do you think? Love 'em? Think they're bleahse'? Talk to me! ")

Then, head over to Hadias' place, and see the latest BCC entries!


Hadias said...

Thanks Angi for the vote of confidence. I need to head to the craft store and get some Spring colored yarns (pinks, yellow, oranges and greens) in order to make some more hair clips. I have two little girls that I would like to make a set for.

I like the curtains. They came out great.

Beth said...

You did a great job, Angi!

Lynne said...

They look great! You should be very pleased with yourself. :-D

Karen said...

Awesome - I can just picture them!!! How do you find the time to do the sewing? Strap both l'il boys to your back like papooses and sew to your heart's content???

New job starts next Monday - YAHOOO!!! As for comin' over for a cup of coffee ~ I think you might get here before I get there.... (I did send you the Crop Registration form, ya know!)And of course, you remember that my beverage of choice is iced tea!!

Joyce said...

Done? You are done? :faint:

I thought yesterday... if Angi has her curtains done I really must get going on MINE!

I can't believe you did them already.


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