Monday, January 28, 2008

Blogger Craft Club: Project 1

It was easy after all! As discussed when I presented this project, I forecast that it would be complete on 'opening day' of Hadias' Blogger Craft Club, and indeed it is!

What set this project apart for me is that I departed from the pattern to create an offset 'checkered' look to this purse. I also added a different lining than suggested, choosing a satin-y interior. Here are a few photos to document the tasks:

The handles were first. Since I've not a serger, I used pinking shears to trim, that my fabric does not unravel in a washing, or from normal wear and tear.
The channel created by making seams was small, so I had to use a crochet hook to begin my turns. There was a fair amount of friction to this task, as this purse is made of cordorouy. The contrast colors were shaping up nicely, and I wanted my seams to be equal, so that one color was not deeper than the same color on the other side. On this handle, I nailed it!
A view from the top:

Next was attaching the handles to the purse bottom, which was easily created by making a seam. By the time these two pieces were pinned together, I was working with four layers of cordorouy . . .whew! :) Had I thought it through earlier, I would have purchased a stronger needle for my machine . . .as it turned out, hand turning the wheel was sufficient to pierce through all the layers at seams.

Next came the lining. All of the purse was 'stuffed' into the bottom of the bag while the lining went on. A small opening was left, so that the bag could be turned, then the opening was hand-sewn.

Voila! A multi-colored bag with personality! Side A:

And, Side B:

The sewing of this purse was completed in an evening. Less than three hours, to be exact ~ a nice quick project.

Well, what do you think? Like it? Let me know! :)


Chayil said...

Gorgeous bag! Wow 3 hours LOL I think it will take me up to 2 days but it will be worth it!

Oh Joy! said...


any more EXCITING NEWS to blog about??


Anonymous said...

you have nice hands

Lynne said...

Wow! That's very nice. I haven't thought about using corduroy, I like that idea.

Hadias said...

The bag looks lovely. I am so glad to have logged today and saw so many links. I headinf over the see what Chayil and lynne created.

I don't know if recovering chairs counts as a craft but I sure did link to it.

Thanks for participating. I will put a Mr. Linky each week so you can add any new creatins or just post about your progress.

Joyce said...

Way to go! I love the bag ... and corduroy... FAV! What a pain to turn tho. I couldn't tell it was corduroy from the pictures until you said that. Super job!

And I have no idea which project to post!

Karen/flutter2you said...

Are you taking orders?????

~ Angi :) said...

Karen~ pick up only. shall I put you down for one? :D

Joy ~ yes! stay tuned!!!

All ~ thank you! {blush!!}

Karen/flutter2you said...

Considering it even now! Just found out that we can fly from Pease down to Biloxi, two flights to get there, but as low as $40 per flight - so, we're considering it!

However,...... we have to get through the SECOND ANNUAL CHRISTOPHER'S LEGACY CROP ON MAY 10th first!

Need a registration form?? That way, you could deliver the purse!

~ Angi :) said...

Karen, You are KIDDING me . . .How is that possible?? EGADS! Jump on THAT plane, and getcher bootie down here! LOLOL

As long as I am not committed to walking all the way THERE, I *suppose* I could be convinced to deliver! LOL

Hadias said...

I am so glad that you've gotten (sew) much wonderful feedback on your project.

In reply to your comment on my "Thrifty Window Treatments", I will hopefully be getting a sewing machine for my birthday in February. Drapes, aprons, valances and napkins will be some of my first projects.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh and btw, the Nestor had some drapery ideas also. I don't know if you saw them on her blog.

Earthmommy said...

That is so adorable, I love it!

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