Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sleepless in Saucier

Evidently it is not enough that L'il Man continues his midnight meals.

The DellDog woke me up last night.

His behavior was nothing short of bizarre.

I thought he wanted a midnight run to the bathroom. [Brrrr!]

Nope. He curiously indicated to me that he was keenly interested in telling me something else . . .and it was my job to figure it out:

I responded to his out of character whining and found him at full alert, his ears perked to the hilt. Offering to take him outside, he trotted quite animatedly to the front door. As I caught up to him, he turned to face me, sat down, and, continuing his fully alert state, stared at me as if he could see right through me.

"Potty?" again I asked. He didn't budge. He wanted to know what I was doing.

Hmm. I made a motion as though I would return to my bedroom. He quickly moved instep with me. I stopped. He stopped. All ears.

"Thirsty?" I attempted. He sniffed his water bowl, and looked up to me as if I were going to hand him a treat of a lifetime.

Dog watered, he returned to his sanguine, yet tense stance.

"What?" I queried. He trotted to the living room. Sat. Stared at me, ears a-twitter.

I moved his direction, and he trotted back down the hallway, to the bedroom, where I once again opened the door. He entered. Turned. Stared at me. Ears at full attention.

"Go lay down!" I said.

One would have thought I'd asked him to partake in a feast meant for DoggieKings.

I've yet to figure out what was going on in his doggiebrain, but I did not hear from him again. I suppose I met his need.

Maybe he was sleep-trotting? :)

Photo supplied, once again, by my son, whose camera evidently has a negative feature on it, creating some visually interesting photos. As a matter of trivia, the dog dish photo was taken some time before the above-mentioned event happened. A mystery of another sort?


Karen H said...

Dell was probably up because it was SOO-O-O-O-O-O C-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OLD!!!! LOLOL

Mary Grace said...

I compltely tolerate child wake-ups in the night, but dogs ... uh-uh. My patience is zilch with four-legged friends after 10 p.m.

Kim & Dave said...

Yeah, I'm w/ MG on that one!!! :-)

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