Friday, December 07, 2007

Media Redefined

I do not recall exactly when it all began . . .somewhere between Lego's and the return of his video camera from Gram's house, I suppose. Toss in the avid perusal of YouTube for videos of a certain genre', and viola'!! Israel has developed an insatiable appetite for all things media.

Cinemetography Boy has delved into the movie making software loaded on the computer and put his mind to work ~ cutting, splicing, and editing furiously with passionate abandon. I've already been privy to movie #1 and #2 . . .with the promise of more to come.

I suppose it could be a passing fancy, or it could develop (no pun intended!) into something more. Regardless, he is decidedly engrossed in his projects.

Meanwhile, I'm still agaga over his photo file. How he managed to capture some of these shots is beyond me. The boy knows nothing more than point and shoot, honest!

Here's today's fave: Aubrey in natural light.

Wow. What a beauty.


Jodi said...

She certainly is beautiful! So are his mini-movies on utube? I will have to look for them.... keep me posted of his productions!!

Kim & Dave said...


Waht a great job he is doing...

Soon yyou can turn all photogaphy jobs over to him!!

Anonymous said...

hi! you are right, he does have a talent :)

Have you been to giveawayof the day? Always some fun techi stuff there, a new one every day. some are not very useful, but my boys like to try out new (free) programs :)

Denise @ & /CuriousCat

Joyce said...


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