Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Shaggy DA: Disrobed!!

You know it's time when you can no longer see his eyes hidden behind those shaggy brows, and the tufts of fur along his backside begin to curl. Yep. It's time to hit the far side of Harrison county for some serious grooming!

Please note the DellDog's disheveled appearance (It's definitely time!):

Dell *loves* to go bye-byes! I am convinced it is because of our 15 hours of bonding over-the-road as I brought him home as a babe. Something about being in the car, with the sound of the wheels eating pavement just barks 'nurture' to him . . .

Alas, soon enough, we pull up in front of our destination. Not some rinky-dink fly-by-night groomer. Not some quickie-pull-together chain. Nope. The DellDog gets the best of the best: a local who quickly capitalized on the loss of her original shop in the storm ~ a talented woman with a heart for dogs and all things Doggy-High-End:

You'll get a real appreciation for the place as you enter:

Cool, huh?!?!

Oh. Here we go. I've paid for my services, and the counter gal has gone in back to retrieve my furbaby.

Um, you might want to step back a bit . . .he'll be rather . . .ah, shall we say, excited?!

Oh! Here he comes . . .!!!!

Whew! Who WAS that masked dog?? Faster than a speeding bullet . . .!!

Of course, I'm not certain if he's glad to see ME, or if he's simply enamored with the idea of going potty after a day at the shop, getting his nails done, and his coat coifed. :) So, we make a quick bathroom break.

"All done, Dell? Ready to go bye-byes??"

"Yes, Momma!! Open the door! PUH-lease!!! Puh-lease!"

"Oooo Goodie! I'm IN! Let's go! Let's go!!" [instert manical tail stump wagging here]

" Boy, am I ever glad you got me outta that place . . .goobye and good riddance! Hey Mom! My friend Buster, the bulldog was there today! do you know what he told me? He said . . ."
Soon, we are out on the open road once again, taking in all the scenery along the country roads. The highways and byways . . .:

The behinds and the boo ~ whoa!!! Now HERE'S a view ya don't get too often!! Take a look at THAT will ya???

"Hey! Whaddaya lookin' at?!"Pretty soon, we're home again, and an excited and very happy DellDog jumps out of the car, ready to sniff out who-all's been traipsing on the deck, and how many cats have visited the front door.

*happy contented sigh*


Life is good, groomed. :)


purple_kangaroo said...

Awww, what a cutie.

Kris said...

Well no wonder he's so excited, he can SEE! I always get a little hyped up after picking up a new pair of glasses....all that stuff hidden behind fog, scratches, and blur suddenly appears clear!

Gorgeous doggie!

Joyce said...

What. A. Riot.

cute, wayyyy cute.

Beth said...

He is so cute! Even with all the long hair & curls.

I need to make an appt. to get our dogs over to said doggie grooming establishment, they do a great job!

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