Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chicken Soup: It's Not Just Reading Material Anymmore . . .

Looks like today is going to be a day of resting children and chicken soup. Tiffany and Keeton are on thier way to the house, with plans to join Israel in a horizontal cozy mode.

I'll oversee the whole operation.
Not too bent out of shape about it. It means another day with Keet, who has begun laughing. I imagine he 'n I will find plenty of humor surrounding carrots and celery and warm, yummy broth. :)
Perfect for a freezing cold day in Mississippi. ( A misnomer, you know.)

I can clearly remember my Mom setting me up with hot tea, toast of some sort, a bowl of chicken soup when I was under the weather.
I also remember having to cancel my birthday party at the swimming pool in town, because of yet another recurrance of tonsilitis. (*sigh* Maybe I still haven't gotten over that one . . .)
While I'm not a clucking hen, going overboard in brooding over my ill chickadees, I do have a compassion heart.
And a deep desire to tickle my grandson.
It works well for everyone. Don't you think??


flutter2you said...

Oh, and you make terrific chicken soup! I've been in that horizontal mode at your house before, and I know that of which I speak!

Now, just WHAT does the thermometer read that causes you to write "a freezing cold day in Mississippi"??? Want to compare notes??

Yesterday was the first snow day for kids this school year. Yup, December 3rd - early, huh??? Justin did a great job of shoveling!

Enjoy the day with Keeton, I love the smile on his face!

There's no better place than Grandma's!!!

Beth said...

That is a great photo of you and Keeton! He is such a happy li'l guy!

Anonymous said...

oh my what a sweetie pie! Hope everyone is feeling better :)

I like your blog, I used to have the same template but deleted it lol.

Denise @ homeschoolblogger.com/HeartnSoul and CuriousCat

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