Friday, October 26, 2007

The Girl Behind The Counter

She was pretty, and outgoing, but I certainly didn't recognize her.

She knew me, however, and I gazed into her eyes questioningly, as to jog my memory somehow.

Tiffany was the one who knew. She called it, and the young woman behind the counter spoke affirmatively. Yes! That's how she knew me!

Suddenly, the realization of recognition flooded my [currently] baby-baked brain, and I saw the family resemblance immediately.


Where did the time go? How could it be possible that this woman before me was the stringy-haired pre-adolescent that I remembered from so many years ago?

Married. With child.

I stood amazed.

Then, I turned to look at Tiffany, and found myself awash in the knowledge that she, too, had grown up too fast.

Oh, I'm hugging you, Baby Boy. I'm determined to not allow a moment of your precious life slip by me, unnoticed.


Blackysky said...

that was a sweet message

Mary Grace said...

See, that's what I love about you! You're determined to slide down the roller coaster of life with your eyes wide open. :-)

Blackysky said...

yes I keep them wide open :)

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