Monday, June 04, 2007

Have You Ever Noticed . . .

that sometimes the world spins around you at an alarming pace, and you just. simply. cannot. keep. up?


Take for instance my latest fall:


This is how it happened: Gil bought me a pregnancy pillow for Mother's Day . . .I've been sleeping SO WELL since! This pillow looks like a "lobster claw" and that is what we call it . . .and we laugh because it takes up half the bed, and whilst in it, one feels TOTALLY isolated from the outside world (or at least from the other half of the bed!) LOLOL!!

I was up til about 2 am . . .and shimmied down the hall into the darkened bedroom, tossed the covers back, put the pillow 'in place', and promptly 'climbed aboard'.No sooner did I get into the 'lobster claw' contraption, than one side of it slid off the edge of the bed, taking me down with it! I screamed, as I was helpless to stop myself, and very soon found myself crammed against the wall and the bed in a diagonal corner. My right arm flailed about wildly trying to grasp ANYTHING to hang on to, but failed miserably ~ ending the torrent with a HUGE, LOUD slam against the wooden blinds over the window! Stunned . . .and startled still, I began laughing uncontrollably, with tears streaming down my face. I was so wedged into the corner that I couldn't move, and my pregnant belly didn't help matters one bit!

Meanwhile, Gil, who HAD BEEN fast asleep, now begins deadpanning me with dry humor.

"Angi, could you please get back in bed?"

"Do you have to make such a commotion when you come to bed?""

"how many times have I told you, you can't float in that thing?" and on and on . . .I am certain I laughed and cried for twenty minutes.

Gil never came to my rescue. All he did was deadpan. I had to extricate myself from my predicament. And it was absolutely halarious! and a wee bit embarrasing . . . after all, I am of an "advanced age"! LOLOLOL

Or, take for instance a more sentimental moment:

On Being The Labor Coach . . .

So, Tiff and I jumped into a Bradley class mid-stream. She's at 30 weeks now, and moved to 3 week appts. It won't be much longer!

Tonight she began to open up a bit and share with me her perspectives on the class (her silence has been unusual. but then, she's in an unusual situation . . .first babies can be that way!) and I'm really happy about where she's 'at'.

Meanwhile, I am building a 'rythym' with her during our relaxation techniques, and learning my daughter all over again, and in a new light.

It is truly amazing. I feel so honored to be her coach. her mom. her friend.

My prayer is that the Lord bless our time together in a unique way, further building and growing the bond that is already between us.


And then, of course there is the never-ending socialization of Gil. Someone Puh-lease, puh-lease tell me . . .what on earth is he doing with those peppers???

Sigh. Back to your regularly scheduled life.

I'll try to find mine! :)


Rodrigo said...

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Sunshyne said...

Oh, look, SPAM.

Anyway, I love this entry. I think it's WONDERFUL that you're sharing these times with Tiffany. I think the timing was simply ''Divine".

I miss you. Your last comment on my blog came at such a great time, but I digress... coffee soon?

Don't fall off the bed, again!


MG said...

LOVE the image of the fall out of bed! You gave me a much-needed smile today!

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