Tuesday, March 27, 2007

She's IN!!

Oh my gosh!

I can hardly contain my excitement!

Tiffany is officially IN! She completed final approval for her DE-lux apartment accomodations, submitted her deposit and pro-rated rent, and voila'!

This morning early we completed the walk-through. My heart simply sings in adoration of a Faithful God who perfects all things that concern me.

It has been three weeks since our church fellowship agreed in prayer for the supply of a home for Tiffany and her wee one on the way. A place that fit her budget, and was a clean, well-taken care of place to live in. Oh. Add desire for washer and dryer.


Yes, Lord, You are faithful, and You care about the smallest detail. You care about Tiffany, and I can hear You singing and rejoicing over her even now . . .


Jodi said...

Is this an actual picture of her bathroom? If so, I am so jeleous! No, I take it back, I will just move in and live in the tub....haha
Congrats!!!!! I am so excited for the both of you.

gil_broussard said...

Let's give Doug a HIGH5 for helping bring this opportunity to Tiffany in his typical, inimitable, shredder style!

D said...

....and we all shout..."YES!"

Welcome home, Tiffany! :-)

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