Monday, February 05, 2007

General Hospital: Revisited

A few friends of mine mentioned that my life as of late has resembled a Soap Opera. A kind of dramatic turn and series of events hearkening back to the good ole' days of General Hospital and Days of our Lives.

Well, I'm not so certain that it was all THAT dramatic, but I do know that I was one wrapped-around-the-axle-mom! Tiffany presented several days of fever and lack of stomach control. I finally took the reins, and hauled her off to the ER.

Here she is in all her hospitial-i-fied glory:

Turns out she was on the brink of eternity, with a severe UTI gone awry. Being the expecting mom that she is, they put her on the maternity floor, where we spent many long, arduous hours tending to fevers of 103, keeping the trash can nearby, IV watch, and of course, the House Beautiful Channel.

Bethany was a dutiful sister, and a great assistant, when she wasn't selling furniture to the networks. Here she is, in Aide mode:

So, all plans and purposes went by the wayside for a few days, while I nursed my baby girl back to health.

Looks like Marlena is going to marry Josh after all . . .and . . .well, you get it.

These Are The Days Of Our Lives.


Anonymous said...

Angi You are on newspaper!

Just Jana said...

You are so inspiring to me. God is glorified in you. Thank you for sharing your life on your blog. I feel joy when I read it!

Karen in NH said...

Angi -

You forget your camera for the Night Out with the kids, but remember it to capture Tiffany feeling her worst?? Yup, Photojournaling ALL of Life - that's what you've been told to do!

<<"I'm sorry, I just gave your order to the car in front of you!"

Hope Tiffany is feeling better - give her a hug from me....

Love you all -

Angie said...

Hey glad to see you are home and we need a picture of Tif feeling better:)
love you

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