Saturday, February 25, 2006

Drive By Dinah & Comedic Carol

Have you ever been astounded at how much time has passed between the recesses of your adult life vs. the fresh frozen memories of your favorite TV show from childhood? Images seared on an impressionable mind that resound as a way marker of an era of one's life. Such is the case of the comedic talent of Carol Burnett. The humor and showmanship that gave foundation to my formative years has not been the catalyst for my children. As my oldest, Bethany, at 20 watched in amazement at Carol Burnett's antics, Gram announced that the programming was 32 years old. AAACCKKK! WHAT?! Well, I certainly did not think THAT much time had passed!

Yet the concept of frozen time for me was miniscule when compared to my Mom's recollections. By far, the hit of the evening was hearing Gram sing "See The USA in Your Chevrolet" ~ a commercial jingle from a bygone era ('47) by none other than Dinah Shore. Visiting Yahoo "video" search engine produced the jewel of her memory, uploaded and cached on an obscure website. Wow. Dinah Shore in her prime.
Television programming sure has evolved and changed over the years. May my family find comfort in the viewing choices we provide them via video: programs of a finer sort, depicting moral values, family togetherness and pure humor, void of any demeaning nuance. Fresh. Timeless. Now.

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Mary said...

I am a complete newbie to the blog thing, so please forgive me if this is the incorrect way to do things! Wasnt sure how to respond to your comment to my blog except to go to yours?

I enjoyed walking around your site. I like your upbeat, postive take on life.

Quick question if you dont mind: Since I am brand new to this , how did you find my blog? I mean, I have to tell you I was surprised to learn someone had actually read it! Yes, I know its public, but how did you stumble across it?

Thanks, neighbor ! (I'm in Shreveport)

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