Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Olla's and I

In a twisty-turn-y series of events, Silver Oak Farm now has a garden plot in the works! I'm GRADUATING from a Square Foot Garden (wherein I've learned MUCH!) to a regular garden area!!  WOOT!

I've already planted several varieties of heritage beans for a fall crop, which are poking their heads through the ground now:

These are set in four natural raised bed areas.  

I also determined I wanted to try my hand at an age-old watering technique:  the use of Olla's.  Of course, I searched high and low in my area, and couldn't find Olla number one, anywhere.  So, the GilGuy kicked in, and suggested I have some ceramic pots made and fired, but not glazed.  

So I did!  Here they are!  The four, new, faux-ollas for the purpose of watering in the garden! 

 I prepped a 4x4 parcel in the new garden plot, and determined the best placement of Faux-Olla #1:

Then, I dug a hole as it's home:

Filled it with water, which had sat out 24 hours, to leach any chemicals (currently there is no water to the property, have to haul it in, to be fixed in the next few weeks.)

Then I augmented each seed hole, planted, covered seed, then covered the olla with a temporary cap. A saucer now sits in it's place.
Click image for larger version

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And now . . . I wait! 

Here are the Baby Trobocino squash plants, poking their tiny heads above the ground.  Aren't they interesting?  :D

I'm excited to see how these work, long term.  If they work well, I'll have to discover a new way to get my hands on some (inexpensive) olla's, as the ceramic ones were a tad pricey to do in a large plot.

Stay tuned!  :D


Missus Wookie said...

Oh neat idea - I'd not heard of using them except for times you wouldn't be around. Wookie has promised me that my next veggie patch will have watering - although at the moment there is an outside tap, waterbutts and a hose.

Fascinating also to see you planting things - not much being planted here unless it's sturdy enough to make it through the winter or fast enough to beat the first frosts.

~ Angi :) said...

It's my first ever fall garden! :D It seems strange to me, too! LOL

The weather is still in the high 90's, and will be very warm through the end of October, when it cools down to "comfortable" LOL

Have you ever seen a trombocino squash before?

Cricket said...

I have never heard of an I'm intrigued.

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