Saturday, July 16, 2011

BlackJack Bridge

There's just something about dirt, hills, and boys, no matter the age.

The GilGuy and Keller took right to the mounds, each determined to conquer them in their own way. :)

This particular area is a branch that needed to be crossed in order to further develop a straight route to the homestead site. We've named it the "lake bridge" because the low-lying area was a favorite haunt of four-wheelin' folk who found the water irresistable. Over time, the area became wider, and wider, and never fully drained nor evaporated, hence, "the lake." Of course, this summer's drought changed that, and the overall want of the land became our opportunity to tackle the project, sans mud. Our little span of the "the lake" has been dubbed "the bridge" even though the bridge is made of earthen materials hiding a culvert. :)

Very near this area, we've discovered yet more BlackJack Oak ~ amazingly resilient, these majestic trees can withstand harsh conditions, including brush fire. Some of the BlackJacks have indeed been burned to a crisp, and show it . . . but they put out leaves like nobody's business!

Many are short of stature, but do not be fooled by their size! These oaks are easily 30 years old, if not older. The wide-palmed leaf is the signature of a BlackJack Oak:

The GilGuy and I both hope to do an inventory of the stately trees that grace Silver Oak Farm. We are beginning to think our original estimate of the number of oaks is too low. :)
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Heidi said...

Hey Angi - just stopping by to tell you that I miss you! I'm sure blogging is low priority these days, and I get that :) but know that a random girl in Oregon misses hearing about 'cha!

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