Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thus Far . . .

I've purposely refrained from posting updates on our newfound project in an effort not to bore the reader with incessant photos of nature;

 repeated stories of the GilGuy bush-hogging ground whilst I walked around in circles;

and the ever present challenge of having to wash the DellDog after each and every visit to the property.  :)

However, it is high time to share the latest and greatest happenings 'round these parts.  I'll begin with today's victory first:  Houston, we have a fence.

Well, *almost*.

We began the fence today after an arduous procedure of preparatory steps.  I am not exaggerating when I say it took us three hours to get supplies to the appointed place, and well over two hours to seat the first 200 lb rail road tie into the ground.

 ~ But from there on out?  It was like taking candy from a baby.  Slicing butter with a hot knife.  Let's see that again:

That was, of course, until I lost the keys to the truck.


Ah well.  We have reason to celebrate, and we are!  :D

Here are a few shots from today's endeavor:

If today brought lesson in any thing beyond How To Stick A RailRoad Tie In The Ground, it was How To Work Together To Accomplish A Decided Goal.

His ideas, my ideas . . . rarely congruent in the nuts and bolts of 'how-to' even when we both agree on the outcome.  So, it was give and take, Try Mine, Try Yours today.  Thus, I've entitled this last photo a pertinent title.

In honor of working together to figure it out, I submit: Glove Love

Let's all get along, shall we, Choosers?  :D


Gram said...

That "city boy" looks just like he belongs...."down on the farm!"

Missus Wookie said...

Your glove shot made me smile... i took a 'his and mine crowbar' shot once. Glad you are seeing progress it is always sooo exhilerating :)

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