Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Day Of Rest?

Whilst the GilGuy snoozes away the afternoon, here I sit, with nary a thing to do.

Bethany has taken Keller and Aubrey, Tiffany is snuggled up in her new little house with Keeton and her new pup Tater, and Israel has hiked down the road a piece to spend time with some friends.  It's just me, the Dell Dog, and the chilly air as the day wanes into evening.

Therefore, I shall use this time productively.  I shall blog.



LOL  Oh, all right . . . just kidding!  I've got a few more never-before seen photos to pull out of my bloggy hat of tricks, and I know you all are just sitting on your chair a-waitin' for me to do so.  Right?


So, here we go:

Is there anything more wonderful than to see your dog enjoying life to the fullest?  In late September, we had taken a weekend trip up the coast of California, to Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  We stayed in a hostel, on the lighthouse property, which provided for breathtaking and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

We'd taken the DellDog, and his friend Annie.  Both canines surprised us tremendously.  It was as if they *knew* what the water was for:  BODY SURFING! Dell would lunge at his leash, begging to be let go, so he could jump in!  And jump in he did:

Once thoroughly soaked, it was then time for a friendly game of ball:

At the time, I was full of hundreds of stories and anecdotes I could have eloquently penned here for your reading pleasure.  As it stands, I'm in a mode of blog rehabilitation, and, even though I know those stories are in there, somewhere, I am doing my level best to get back on this bike.  Therefore, what you see is what you get.

Dog Pictures.


Enjoy the rest of your restful Sunday, Choosers . . . I shall.  :D

Day Five of Twelve

2 comments: said...

Great dog shots! The first time we took our puppy to the water she didn't like it, but then as she watched the other dogs {it was a dog park} she joined in and loved it.

Mrs.Stewart said...

Incredible photos! Miss u.

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