Friday, July 02, 2010

City Dog, Country Dog

Opening the door, exposing the long hallway before us, the DellDog and I began our journey toward the great (?) New Orleanian out-of-doors.  Crossing over the carpet, onto the highly polished hardwood floor, Dell began to scamper and scoot like I've never witnessed him do before!  Jumping vertically into the air, and to the left, he attention completely on the ground beneath him, gave me the angle at which he was seeing the big, hairy water-roach scramble for his life - with the same intense veracity as Dell!

Soon we were back on track, down the hall, and in the elevator.  Down, down, down . . . the door finally swinging open like a huge jaw.

Now on polished concrete, Dell's overgrown nails tippy-tapped across the foyer.  The front door swung open, and gingerly, the DellDog scrambled down the stairs to relief.

Hurricane Alex had left behind a welcome breeze, overcast skies and cool temperatures; low humidity.  I stood, taking all this in, while Dell investigated the lone 4x5 patch of grass, jutted up against the building.  In the distance, I could see two white, middle-aged Scotty dogs were headed our way.  A perfunctory morning greeting of sniffs and snuffs, and we were once again mobile.

Down the sidewalk, around the corner; past the iron fences and busy streets of a 17th century city, on leash.

Business to do, then back again . . . no squirrels to chase, no birds swooping down, no morning dew to run in.

While a quaint  . . . uh, fragrant (?) air emits from the walkways, and the hustle and bustle of the city invites, it's obvious that the DellDog is curtailed from his greatest pleasure ~ that of frolicking in the summer sun of the countryside.

He'd rather be with us, than left behind, so he doesn't complain . . .

And neither do I.


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