Friday, March 19, 2010

The Gift

When we arrived home that late afternoon, I felt a complex mixture of frazzled and fine ~ it had been a mixed bag as far as days go.  Situations and circumstances, emotions and relationships were all jumbled together in a pie of life's making.

I'd barely managed to get my foot in the door when Pat's smiling face greeted us with enthusiasm.  I managed a wry smile, but inside, I was done.  That is, until she, with great fanfare, led me over to the counter to view her latest creations ~ this year's group of Easter eggs.  Among them, a gift for me:

I felt hot tears well up in my eyes, as I clutched the precious, delicate shell.  There were many more.  I gasped and felt awe as her handiwork was displayed before me, each with a special story as to why and how she had made it thusly.

This gem of a woman, an artisian of many colors, has blessed me.  My haphazard day was renewed by a simple act of craftsmanship, made just for me.  And her.  And them.  And  . . . you.

For your viewing pleasure, the Art of Pat:


gilSilvers said...

Simply gorgeous, lovely organic symmetry! Just last weekend I found my painted duck eggs from 1977. Heirlooms in their own right, but not works of art like Pat's creations.

I have a sudden hankering for omelet.

Heidi/MominWA said...

Wow! Those are so gorgeous!

We've attempted making them before. They take a huge amount of patience and fine work. Beautiful!

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