Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Berry Good Audition

When we arrived to find the waiting room down the hall in the high-rise building full, Keller and I sauntered back the way we came, to a larger seating area, one that wouldn't cause a toddlers' conversations to vex working teen boys.

As we took our place, a little girl, whose Mommy had obviously taken the same considerate route as we, contentedly began sharing her plethora of edible goodies with her new found friend.  Fruit Snacks, Peanut Butter Crackers, Marshmallows . . .Keller happily scarfed down every item she handed him.  And then, she had to go.

Now bereft of any culinary distraction, my boy began exploring his surroundings.  The big screen tv; the window full of gifts at the gift shop; the direction the people were going down the opposite hallway.

A nearby office door opened.  The door that belong to a different casting agency.

I cringed as the woman poked her head out the door.  "Is his chatter too loud?  I apologize."  I offered.

"Oh, no!"  she redirected.  "I hear him talking, and it makes me miss my little girl!"

Next thing we know, this beautiful lady is walking over to the seating area carrying a huge 'edible arrangement' of fruit.  Of the choices, she selected a HUGE red strawberry ~ covered in chocolate!  Yum, Yum, Yum!

These auditions might be a drudgery for some, and a time-eater for many a mom.  For L'il Man, however?  Auditions are a great place to score big in the game of life!  :D


Anonymous said...

I would think he charms lots of women! :) Yeah on the yummy snacks!!

Theresa in WV said...

I agree! That little guy is a charmer.

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