Saturday, January 16, 2010

Of All The Nerve . . .

As the Saturday morning played itself out, Keller became increasingly more demanding on my 'rest time' that I'd carved out for myself. Without the GilGuy nearby to shoulder a portion of that two-year old energy, I found myself rather harried after the intense week I'd just completed as L'il Man's incessant requests piled one on top of the other.

That is, until Israel sauntered in. Immediately, he took up residence on the other half of the bed I'd deemed 'home base' for the day, and began playing with Keller. Giggles and laughter soon rose to the ceiling, and the bottle of pent up energy Keller had been containing began to pour out.

Soon, Big invited Little to go outside.

They spent a good half hour out there, before returning. When they did, Keller absolutely fell apart. He was having far too much fun to be returned inside four walls. Israel did his best to rediret his attention elsewhere, to no avail.

"Keller! Chill out!"

"Keller! Look at my eyes! We are NOT going to do that now!"




Of course, the toddler wasn't having any of the new rules. Soon, they appeared in the doorway, baby on the hip of the fifteen year old manchild.

"Israel," I began, "I can hear you are getting frustrated with him. Would you like me to take over?" compassionately inquiring.

After all, Keller is not Israel's parental responsibility, even though his sibling assistance is worth it's weight in gold.

"Huh?" he replied. "No, I'm not frustrated! Come on, Keller, let's go get the juice out of the car!"

They were gone in a flash, leaving my heart to reel from the emotion of wonder and amazement as Israel's resiliency, and his willingness to be so patient with such a little charge.

I sunk back into the pillow of a backrest, and relished yet another few more minutes of silent regrouping.


Peachuvamom said...

What a great man-child you have there, Mom! He obviously has some terrific role models in his life. Kudos!

Charlotte said...

I must say that having a 2yo popped into our lives at this point has changed a great many things, but it is much easier than it would be without the older siblings. Toddler and teen is a great combination.

Dawn Sodini said...

Somedays I wish for the teens and somedays I am quite thankful to be without the chaos they would bring. Hope that doesn't make me a bad mom.

~ Angi :) said...

LOL! No 'bad moms' on ChoiceCentral, DawnDear! {chuckling}

Charlotte, how soon until your little one is permanently located with you?

Gee, thanks, Peach. You know I'll take that pat on the back! :D

Charlotte said...

We don't really know. I don't think that they are planning on him going back. We just don't have anything but a letter that says that we can have him. The court order for having him temporarily still has not been sent to us. He is feeling at home though. Last night I had to read him 'Mama do you love me' 6 times.

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