Monday, January 11, 2010

Going To The Dogs

With a blog title like that, one would expect to see a post about the DellDog, right?

Well . . . it ain't so.


This post is actually about L'il Man, and his tiny little frame, that hovers at the 20 lb range. He has just managed to put on enough lank to move out of the 9-12 month clothing, into something more . . . substantial, like full-on 12 month old clothes. Heck, he even dons a smaller 18 month item here and there.

His little frame proves problematic where pants are concerned. The length of jeans and whatnot are a-okay . . . the maintaining of the waistband at the waistline, however? A completely different story.

Gil attempted a makeshift belt awhile back. He cut down one of his belts, added some new hold-punches, then tried it for fit. The fit was not. The width of a full size-belt was bigger than the belt loops of those tiny dungarees.

Therefore, we've spent countless trips to various and sundry stores, looking for a belt, to hold up the little guys jeans. Time and time again, the belts have been long and lean . . . enough to go 'round his waist two or more times!

McGilver finally came to the rescue the other day, with an outright genius idea.

We headed over to the local Pet Shop.


We searched the racks for a simple, non-studded variety of . . .

dog collar.

Uh-huh. I tell you true.

A brand spankin' new leather dog collar that would fit a smallish breed dog now graces our son's lap as a belt.

Works like a charm, it does.

Wish the GilGuy woulda thought of it sooner! :D


Anonymous said...

Do they make adjustable waistbands in his size yet - you know the ones with the button elastic? That is all two of my little ones can wear. Looks like Children's place doesn't start that till 24 months. We've bought them at Target too...

Dawn Sodini said...

We have had the same problem with Josiah. We were able to find a braided belt at the second hand store. Don't have to worry about putting holes in. Glad the new "belt" works perfectly. Talk about thinking outside the box!

Charlotte said...

THat is a GREAT idea. I have been looking all over for a belt for Del. We found a couple in the girls section that are woven leather (so they don't need any holes punched)and are 'manly' colors. They work, but they are long enough that they wrap around his waist 1 1/2 times or more. He has no bottom to speak of and when he is potty trained, he won't even have the diaper to help with the padding.

~ Angi :) said...

Well, color me educated . . . Hadn't thought of looking for the adjustable waistbands, nor braided belts! LOL

Thanks for putting these on my radar, everyone! :)

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