Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Boy Blend

Aubrey turned 17 two days ago. She's a beauty, and the last of three girls that have grown under my care. In a year, she'll be out on her own, ready to tackle the world.

Now, the boys come into focus. Israel, who is 15 out-paces the KBoyz by 13 years. Yet, it is a rare occasion to see him deny them quality time. If Israel is in the room, Keller is in the room . . . and if Keeton is present, they are all together, one big mass of boy-ness emerging as a force to contend with.

Fortunately, my boys are on the more artistic side, which means that the rough and tumble manner of the stereotypical boy is minimized a bit. Focus, concentration, consideration of minute details are studied. Thoughtfulness and discussion abound.

I suppose one day the tide might turn, since Keet is the most rough and tumble, and he is likely to influence Keller in that regard . . . but for now? I delight that books are cherished and read; drawing and building with blocks is fun; and Big Brother is loved and sought out by the wee ones.

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