Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Staple In Our House

Israel was only four when we moved to the home we currently reside in. The property was brand new, and I made the decision not to pipe in cable tv. Rather, I provided my brood of four with videos and movies via VHS tape.

Remember those? The tiny packages of containing sheer delight, if only one would insert the cartridge into the VCR.

Over those years, we accumulated quite the collection. VHS gave way to DVD, and soon the purchasing shifted to accommodate the times.

Enter the KBoyz.

Very recently the stash of almost antiquated VHS tapes has been rediscovered, and oldies but goodies are filling our home with nostalgic memories of significant series gone by.

Keeton and Keller each have very distinct tastes; Keeton being the more easily swayed to watch what he'd rather not watch at any given time. Therefore, Keller having his way, the predominant staple in our home at present is none other than:

Steve and Blue.

Yes, of Blue's Clue's fame.

The program is sheer delight - Steve brilliant, Blue as smart as ever.

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Charlotte said...

Sherman copied our old Tots TV video onto DVD in preparation for Del. We looked all over the internet to find real ones, but they are only available in England. We drive the girls crazy by singing the songs. Blue's clues was another favorite, but Tot's TV was better.

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