Monday, October 05, 2009

If You're Happy And You Know It . . .

Brush your teeth!

A little sojourn to the local children's museum net the KBoyz a visit to the arts and crafts room - and a little help from Dad (a.k.a. GilPa)!

The focus? Healthy teeth.

It is very interesting to us, Keller's fine motor skills. He's pretty swoof with a pair of scissors - but what does one expect from a baby who's been eating with a fork since before his first birthday??

Keeton was a bit less interested in the activity. His attention was rivited upon the trains he'd just carted off from a nearby display!

The Boyz left with a brand new toothbrush and a few other goodies. What a grand day! :)
This post is part of the Tot School [Tuesday] Series - Volume 20. Find other great Tot School ideas here.

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