Monday, October 19, 2009

Annie's Eyes

This LA go 'round, we're staying with friends. Among the family members of this abode resides a sheep herding border collie named Annie.

Annie is beautiful. She is slender, wiry, active . . . friendly and loveable.

Yet Annie is bred for staring down huge rams and telling them to "Get Back!"

Her eyes pierce even the most stubborn of opponents, and her stance never wavers.

Annie's favorite game is catch. As a matter of fact, Annie holds no traditional greeting - rather, to say hello, she tosses the ball, and goes into 'ready' mode.

I'd become quite accustomed to this type of greeting quickly. However, I was completely unprepared for her sloppiest action to date:

I had been taking photos of Israel and Keller in the pool, while seated on a chair at the far end. Looking through the viewfinder had the full of my attention, when, suddenly, my lap was outrageously wet!

Surprised, I looked down to find a completely saturated "Beany Baby" whale ~ and Annie, in 'fetch mode' waiting for me to toss said whale for her retrieval.

I determined to take advantage of the moment, and use the whale as photo bait.

I love the results.

And Annie's Eyes.

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