Friday, September 25, 2009

You Can't Get A Rise Outta Me.

Friday night.



I was on task for pizza, a favorite of the boy-varity teenager, and I was running out of precious rise time on the pizza dough. I had to get it mixed pronto.

All the ingredients were set. The only item left was the yeast. Gingerly, I stepped to the refrigerator, only to find . . . {gasp!} . . . the entire BRAND NEW bag of yeast was GONE!

Puzzled, I searched and searched again. Nothing. Perhaps I uncharacteristically put it away in the cupboard? Nope.

Scratching my head, I began clocking through the last time I used the item. Hm. It was ~ last week at the neighbor's house! I had taken my stash, not knowing she had her own stash, whilst I prepared meals for her household after the arrival of their newborn baby girl.


I thought I had brought my supply home, after noting her ample provender.

Double crud. I imagined the phone call:

Me: {sheepish} "Er, did I happen to leave a brand new bag of yeast at your house?"

Her: "Why yes! You did!"

Me: {even more sheepish} "Well . . . can I have it back?"

I mean really. What kind of assistant would I be if I left my goods behind . . . and asked for them back??? EEEK!

I shook off the feeling of dread.

Stumbling down the hall, I inquired of the kids . . . to no avail. They (although they helped unload my car) had -zero- recollection of any such kitchen item. In addition, they were totally unaware of what this meant to their future gullet-fests! (After all, if pizza was not on the menu - supper would be the NAVY BEAN SOUP I had made for the rst of us!!! aaaacccckkkkkk!)

I took a deep breath.

One. More. Look.

I counseled myself.

This time, I headed for the white pantry, and I dug deep. I undid stacks of bowls. I overturned lids. I searched.


One pristine, brand new bag of yeast, at my disposal, just waiting for someone to come and grab it.


[now uber composed, behaving as if nothing had bothered me in the first place]

So. As I was saying . . . no yeast? No matter! You can't get a rise outta me!


Anonymous said...

Makes ya wonder how long that yeast had been in there if you had to go digging. . .

Hope you got a rise out of the dough.

Anonymous said...

You took it with you but it wasn't new. So maybe you used that one already! Who knows?!?!? And you know you could have called!

Baby girl has had 6 wets a day for at least 3 days and today had 3 other diaps! I am so proud of her.

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