Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Online Gaming, Anyone?

I ventured into the unusual land with anticipation, expecting to find familiar surroundings. Instead, a full-body avatar with my screen name attached to it was standing in an old-fashioned European hostel. I took in my immediate surroundings, then tried the latch on the virtual door. It swung open, and I now stood outside, looking around at a lush landscape, complete with city walls, merchant buildings, and the homes of gamers levels upon levels ahead of me.

Where, I wondered, was my beloved game?

I manuvered the virtual landscape a bit, trying this button and that, hoping to figure it all out.

One button responded differently than all the rest - it switched to a screen that revealed the multitude of gamers worldwide, playing this virtual empire.

Hmmm. I thought to myself, as I clicked yet another button that magically delivered me to a game table with none other than the very enterprise I was searching for.

I squealed with delight! Two opponents had also taken a seat beside me, and waited.

Gulp. I hadn't time to figure out any of the controls - but I was up first - my adversaries waiting in the wings for their turn.

I found the chat feature. "I'm a newbie. Patience please . . ."

"Sure thing," came a reply. "Just please don't leave the game."

Oh I won't, I thought to myself. If I could just manage to understand these icons in a flash.

Play began, and gingerly turns were passed among us. I fumbled, I strained, I played fluidly.

And then it happened.

I lost ALL power to my computer.




"AAAAArrrrrrggghhh!" my frustration turned to immediate panic. Scrambling, I hunted in vain for my power supply. After much ado, I finally logged back in.

"This game has been temporarily interupted. Please log back in to continue."

What a relief! None of my information had been lost!

Except . . . except . . . there was no way in which to relog in from that particular screen. It wouldn't allow me to move in or out, I was trapped, without recourse.

Stupid software.

Ultimately, the night ended without enabling that particular pasttime. I was forced to begin anew, with different oponents.

Perhaps one day, while walking in the virtual world, I might find my fellow gamers who asked me not to leave the game. When I see them, I'll tip my virtual hat and offer a virtual apology for circumstances beyond my control.


Anonymous said...

That used to happen to me when I played scrabble online... drove me nuts!

Luke said...

I play WoW where being "DC'ed" (disconnected) is a common enough occurrence that people are rather forgiving...


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