Monday, August 10, 2009

Education And Perfection

It just so happens that today is post #777 here at Choice Central. The number commonly given or spoken of as the "number of God" or, the "number of perfection."

I smiled as I saw the notation on my Blogger Dashboard. You see, this year, Aubrey is studying the history of God's Kingdom - an indepth look of the political, social and spiritual components that made up the first century A.D. and beyond - how those events now shape our modern era.

How fitting, then, that the first day of school would be marked by an imprint of God's hand; evidence of the studies to come. :)

Meanwhile, Israel picks up where we left off on his studies of World History.

It's a busy day, to be sure, as a new routine is put in place, as the lazy days of summer are put behind us . . .

Perfection can't be rushed, they say.

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Charlotte in MN said...

2 cores and a toddler! You are superwoman.

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