Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bad Medicine

Well, the blogosphere has been missing me, if I gage by the inquries I've received about my bloggy self lately.

To celebrate my return from a week-long unplanned hiatus, I've decided to shimmy back on in to the groove of things. I hope you are ready to laugh at me heartily, chide me seriously, then grin to yourself in glee because I finally. posted. something. ANYTHING. for Pete's sake! :D

Let me set the stage for you:

Oldest daughter arrives at our abode after work. Part of her duties at her employ is to hay and water the horses at the close of the day, which she had accomplished, only to discover that by the time she walked in to the hacienda, she was sniffling up a blue streak.

Once upon a time said oldest daughter suffered with allergies, and was given a prescription medication for those sniffles. The issue didn't hang around, though, so, ultimately the prescription was unneccessary, and sat in the cupboard unused.

So intense was the sudden onslaught of sniffles that my oldest daughter finally expressed tremendous aggravation. I reminded her of her medicine sitting in the cupboard.

We sauntered into the kitchen and fetched the bottle. Oldest daughter exclaimed as to the age of the product in hand, and the GilGuy, who had just walked in on the scene, remarked about the safety of such product useage, due to it's age.

Bethany: "Mom, this stuff is 10 years old!"

The GilGuy: "Oh, don't take that! It's expired!"

Me: "It's in pill form. As such, it's not unstable like a liquid. Besides, the marketing department wants one to throw out old meds and return to buy more. It's a ploy, I tell ya! A pharmecutical ploy."

The GilGuy: "No, no, no! Don't take it, Beth!"

Me: "Look. If it's no good, we'll find out soon enough, because her sniffles won't disappear. End of story. If they clear up, we know my theory is correct."

The wrangling back and forth continued for a bit. Finally, with great fanfare, my oldest daughter downed a dose of the sinus-saving med.


Supper was almost ready, and I was hustling in the kitchen, the house was filled with noise, as everyone seemed to have their own pent up energy to expend. What occurred next was out of a third dimension. A world not belonging to me.

Here, perhaps this video can explain it better than I can . . .


Dawn Sodini said...

You guys are too funny! Mia says Beth was way too funny! Hope you enjoyed your "spiked" dinner.

Anonymous said...

Oh I could totally do that to my dh!

I love your family!

Karen/flutter2you said...

Okay,at first I was headed to the medicine cabinet to throw out all the meds older than a year. NOT ANYMORE!

Angi - you kept smiling, though concerned, throughout the whole episode! Gotta love that!!

Gil - for shame, for shame!!!! And bringing Bethany into the ruse was just too much.

Yes, you guys are a hoot!

Paula said...

You guys crack me up! (no pun intended) ;o)

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