Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tot School [Tuesday] - Volume 15

One might justifiably ask: "What on earth could a twenty month old boy learn on location while his older brother shoots a film?"

Plenty, I say.

While the past week has been a chaotic blue of last minute travel plans, days filled with new faces and places and unique environments, L'il Man has taken it all in.

Last night, for instance, Keller received an education on Linguistical Studies, as he hob-nobbed with a 18 month old from Germany; a 23 month old from New Zealand; a 21 month old from Australia; and a 20 month old whose parents just arrived from Belgium. Seems play activity transcends any language barrier between babies. :)

Furthermore, the opportunity to investigate the jowls of a warehouse was at L'il Man's disposal. Playing and exploring to his heart's content, he found the most fun sliding down the sloped edge of an indoor curb, painted bright parking-lot yellow, then smeared with years of mechanic grease for effect. Yes, this slide resulted in one. dirty. boy. But I didn't mind. I'd rather a soiled outfit and an engaged mind any day.

There is much in store for us over the next month or so. Now that we've had a few days to settle in, pictures should be a more present activity, that Tot School viewers web-wide might enjoy this little break-from-the-routine type educational track. :)

Join us! It's sure to be a fun adventure! :D
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TheRockerMom said...

I think it's great that he's getting so many wonderful opportunities. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Life is a great place to learn! :-)

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