Saturday, June 20, 2009

Strange Sightings

A few days ago, Israel and I were driving home just before dusk. The day had been very busy, so we were both subdued and quiet en route. Approximately five miles from home, my son exclaimed, breaking the silence:

"MOM! Look! What is that?!?"

I turned my head towards his point, to no avail. I saw nothing.

"Look again!" he cried out, the shift from sedate to overcharged completed within him.

I looked again, and indeed, as we came to a clearing, a most unusual sight graced the western skyline.

We both put our thinking caps on. It was very obvious that the exhaust trail left by man or machine was headed straight UP into the atmosphere. With no nearby rocket-launch facility, we simply could not put our finger on what it was, or where it could have come from.

Stepping indoors after arriving home, we immediately downloaded our photographs, and shared with the GilGuy, who also held no idea as to its' origin. We scoured local news headlines for any incidence of . . . anything that could generate clues . . . to no avail.

We're still perplexed.

It's a mystery to us . . . any ideas, Choosers?


Anonymous said...

I have no idea but it's a cool picture!

DancingQueen said...

Rocket Club?

And good job getting a picture!

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