Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tot School [Tuesday] - Volume 12

We had seen the Columbus Zoo ~ the loving handiwork of Jack Hanna ~ on a hot, sweltering day that held most of the animals under it's oppressive sway by sending them in search of shade or coolness. We weren't disappointed, really, we could see what a wonderful facility it was. Yet perhaps the less regal viewing of wilderness beasts is what created the atmosphere that produced my love affair with the Columbus Science Museum, and the toddler rooms thereof!

I was off in another section of the spacious center with the teens, whilst Gil stood sentry over our sleeping baby boy, exhausted from an already full morning of educational sights. A season of time passed, and I discovered the pair had moved. Searching high and low for them, I unearthed a previously unseen by me staircase. Arriving at the top landing, I gasped with wonder.

A veritable toddler heaven stood before me, encased in floor to ceiling glass, and governed by security personnel. Marking each person that entered, the guard ensured the safety of the littles inside. I pressed my face against the glass, peering down the long room to my left, then again to my right, and center again.

To my amazement, Keller emerged from a toddler-sized tree house, and all by himself, slid down the slide. I squealed with delight, and gained entry.

Once inside, I was in awe. Keller was 100% engaged with his surroundings. Everything was designed for toddlers. The GilGuy had already spent the better part of an hour with L'il Man in the midst, and detailed for me the lads total enthrallment with each component he came in contact with.

Station after station, seating area after seating area stood before us. Making our way down the wall of the room that was easily the size of a football field, my mouth went agape when we rounded the corner. There before me was the most wonderful water play ground! Keller squealed with his own delight, and immersed himself [pun intended!] with water works.

It was very difficult to peel ourselves away from the play ground . . . but peel we must. There were more other destinations to be seen before the week was over. However, the imprint of the excellence of the facility is etched in my mind, not to be easily erased. As for Keller, learning among other things, how to slide down a slide on his own accord is worth of honorable mention for Tot School this week. :)

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Mozer said...

Yeah Keller!! Sounds like a great zoo!

knit1kids4 said...

Oh yes I love that part of COSI!

TheRockerMom said...

What a wonderful place!! I love taking my boy to toddler places as well. I really loved this post.. thanks for sharing!

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