Tuesday, April 07, 2009


On a recent trip, I was faced, once again, with the consternation of finding my camera batteries had been munched. I suspected a certain 14 year old boy, who has a penchant for secreting away and filming mini-documentaries of heaven-knows-what. However, no gnashing of teeth would bring life back to my now defunct power grid - we'd have to use the GilGuy's camera.

Well, that trip led to my awareness of that 'charger-thingy' he's had plugged in to the wall of our bedroom for eons of time. An awareness that at my fingertips lie a perfectly charged battery at any moment, day or night . . . I had nary a reason to ever be without camera juice again.

Excited about my find, I immediately began to employ said such battery power to my advantage.

However, every action has an equal and opposite reaction ~ and I soon found myself under the faux wrath of the man of the house. His orders? "Get yer own rechargeable batteries. *You, can, however, use my charger." Gee. Thanks for your generosity, Gil.

Relinquishing to the knowledge of my fate - buy batteries or die - [well, perhaps not die . . .] I made mental note and promptly went about my business: needing camera juice consistently time after time.

It wasn't that I didn't want to buy batteries . . .it was that I kept forgetting. Or, worse yet, I'd purchase a set, and the set would be an off brand, or an inferior brand that could give me no long term satisfaction, such as a solid Energizer lithium battery might.

That's when it happened. I entered a new warehouse store yesterday, and found myself inexplicably drawn to the left: to the electronics section. I was a bit confused as to why I was there . . .after all, I had arrived to buy bananas.

Technology surrounded me on all sides. Before me, a large display almost ran me over as I attempted to pass it . . . but wait! What is that? Oh. my.

Rechargeable batteries - with charger, thankyewverymuch - at an incredibly low, low price.

I couldn't pass it up.

I purchased.
I charged.
I'm good to go.

With one exception. The ever practical and prudent, yes, even frugal GilGuy had one very important question of me this morning: "WHY on earth did you buy a charger, when we've already got one??"


Explaining myself - my very logical, prudent, resourceful self, I might add - was accomplished under the duress of barely awaking from a sleepless night [the 18 month old child responsible for such lack of sleep remaining nameless].

If only I could find the plug-in on this frame of mine.

As a human rechargeable device, I could put the Energizer Bunny to shame.



Anonymous said...

At least now you have your OWN charger and your OWN batteries. :) I think "good work!" {Hi Gil!}

However... you'd think this post of all posts would include pictures! :D

love ya! (I'm sending my dniece-in-law over for your tot school posts.)

~ Denise ~ said...

Well...I think it was a subconscious move so that you'd be ready to fly on a moment's whim with a fully operating and rechargeable camera in hand to let's say...oh, i don't know...california??!! lol ;)

btw, I am rechargeable! Eat your heart, er...batteries, out, sista! lol

Luke said...

Just to be absolutely clear: You have two sets, right, so you can have one in the camera and another in the charger? Otherwise, there's a tendency--at least in my house--to leave the batteries in the camera until they die... at which point we are again without power [smile].

This was a very fun post! May your new batteries (and redundant charger) serve you well [smile].


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