Friday, April 10, 2009


I took a total of -no less than- one hundred and sixty [160] photos last night.
Why? You might ask?

It was because my husband's Cajun roots were showing ~ that's why!

A Mega Crawfish Boil was his culinary specialty o'the evening!

I'll be sifting through the photos, and plucking up the gems, no doubt. Meanwhile, enjoy the look of them-there spindly crawdad legs. {{shudder} }

There's a reason I love Nebraska, and the fact that I was raised on Nebraska Corn-Fed Beef!




Sharon said...


I don't really like crawfish unless it is in a nice pasta or something... but I can eat tons of crab. yummers!

Monica said...

How DOES one eat those little suckers? I've always wondered???

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