Friday, March 06, 2009

For The Scrapbook

I felt teary-eyed when I read the GilGuy's words of regard and command decision making, in taking the children gravesite on the tenth anniversary of my husband's death. 1600 miles away, I had not requested the act of love; yet I was impacted by it.

Noon with kids went very smoothly. Beth and I linked up perfectly at JC's Quick Stop. Had lunch with kids first as Israel was hungry - O'Charlys. Picked up some nice silk flowers at Winn Dixie, went to cemetery, cleaned Larry's headstone - but the cemetery was very well kept, very neat, very clean and there were flowers at every headstone. So we added ours, and we observed a moment of silence and I told the kids Larry would have been very proud of them. During lunch I asked Aubrey if I would have liked Larry. She said He drank and smoked, but he was funny, you would have liked him.

Not long afterward, a second note, this one from my son:

Today for lunch Dad, Bree, Me and I had O' Charley's. It was good for the most part. I didnt feel good this morning, so I had to get a to-go box. Then we stopped at Winn - Dixie for flowers for Dad's grave, went to Dads grave. SHOCKED!!! Before it was all long grass and trees around everything but nope. New suburb, flowers everywhere, clean cut grass, etc.

I'm recording this event. I have the sense it will have long-term positive reprecussions in relationships around here. How many adoptive Dads regard a biological Dad so well?

Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful, upright, full of integrity husband.


Dawn Sodini said...


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful they were able to go to the grave site. Quite meaningful. I was thinking about all of you this first week of the month.

(((hugs))) to all.

Quite commendable for Gil to consider that trip.

walknlove said...

I think Israel's comment is interesting. He says that he bought flowers for dad's grave and went out to lunch with dad. I love how God has met the need for a true dad despite that his biological dad is passed on.

Anonymous said...

God has been good to you and your children. I'm sorry for your loss and thankful for how God has filled you back up.

Sharon said...

Oh... that is so precious. :)

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