Friday, February 06, 2009

When Love Abounds . . .

Some days are tougher than others.
Some situations require that one use a different muscle of 'gumption' than one is used to using.
Sometimes one just simply needs to be affirmed, and know that they are loved.

I've recently introduced "Lovey" into Keller's sleep routine, in an effort to make strides in that department. (We are making progress!)

He quickly adapted to making Lovey a part of his life, and, without being overly attached, does take the comfort as a suitable replacement for me.

It's interesting to watch him derive comfort from an inanimate object.

Yet, somehow, my adult wiring is not too far removed from his young wiring, as, when gifted with inanimate badges of the blog award sort, my heart felt comforted, and willing to settle in easily, knowing deep down I am loved and appreciated.
From D at cusmyle (Thanks for the love, girl!):

And from Sharon at Flip'n Crazy (Today's photographic entry is THE BOMB!!):


These "Lovey" type moments might just become addicting!

In order to spread the Love; to fulfill the commandment: As you have freely recieved, freely give . . .; to encourage attachment to "Lovey" blogosphere-wide, I joyfully share the following bloggers with you, that they might be encouraged by your visit today!

A new-found e-friend has captivated me with her quiet and gentle spirit, her spiritual muse, and her spunk that comes forth as a result!
I'm sharing the Lovely Blog award with Atara, at speakingfrommyhouse.

Just in case you've not had opportunity to visit her blog before, via the link on my site, I'm sending y'all over to Taylor's pad at TayloredExpressions.
Her crafty handiwork is pristine!
I love my bloggy friends! Thanks for the enjoyable reads, the insight, the laughs, the Truths you've shared . . .and most of all . . .The LOVE.


atara said...

Aw, you are so sweet!
Thank you!

Sharon (sk) said...

You are so welcome! I LOOOOVE you, truly I do. I love to sit and read about your life, your day... you have such a gift when it comes to words. I'm very thankful that God crossed out paths back in 2006 with our homeschools and children. :)

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