Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reaching For Words: A Blog Contest

I'd like to wax eloquent about this photo:

Yet words seem to escape me today.

Therefore, an impromptu blog contest! Tell the story of this tree in the comment section today. There will be three winnners, each being prized with the status of Guest Blogger on my blog in the month of February.

Submissions will be considered on the basis of creativity, wit, and candor.


Give it a whirl! What fun! :D


Anonymous said...

A young man struggling with the difficulties of life decided one day to find a tall tree and build a ladder to God. He wanted to know why he struggled so much when others seemed to have it so easy.

He foraged to the woods and found the tallest tree. With some wood he had with him he began to make a ladder. It was slow work and he was sweating in the heat of the day. Exhausted, he took a break and noticed a man standing a few feet in front of him.

Startled, he asked how long he had been there watching him. The older man said "I have been watching you for longer than you know". Confused but feeling great peace, the young man told him what he was doing.

The old man looked lovingly at him and said "son, you seek in the tree tops what you can find everywhere. You are drawn to the one that created the tree and all that is around. All he asks of you is to call upon his name and he will bring you great comfort and peace. It is as simple as that, ask and He will make himself known to you in abundance".

The young man looked up at the tree and to the heavens beyond. His gaze was deep and thoughtful as he pondered what the old man made sound so simple. And then he said aloud "God come to me that I can know you and understand why I struggle so great".

Immediately he felt peace and comfort like he had never felt before. He saw his life as full of struggles still, but lighter and easier to handle. Why, he wondered, had he never heard this simple truth before?

He spoke to thank the older man and found him to be gone and no evidence of him ever being there. Chills ran through his body as he realized who the older man had been.

Moral of the story: If you are trying to "do" things to reach or please God, stop. All he asks is that you come to his feet and worship him. It really is that simple.

Karen (KayKay) said...

Well...no way am I following that! What a beautiful story!

DancingQueen said...

They’re out in the world now, the four friends who built this place.

It served them well decades ago as a hangout, a haven, a springboard for their dreams.

Boys, like trees, grow up. Now all that remains to speak of those days are a few boards and a few nails.

But the men who were boys here carry proudly the memories of their adventures and the friendships born here live on forever.

mary grace said...

Rediscovering the remains of the treehouse was perhaps the most emotional part of the journey home. Seeing his kid sister with her own babies on her hips, hearing Dad's knees pop as he endlessly paced the hospital halls outside of Mom's room ... each vignette reminded him of how long he'd been gone. But the ruins of the treehouse. Somehow, they were the hardest to bear. Time could move on without him, he had decided. Mom and Dad could grow old, his sister could grow up. Heck, even the Sonic could be torn down. He didn't care; it said nothing about *him*. But if the treehouse was old, well ... so was he. There was just no way around it.

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