Friday, February 13, 2009

McGilver And The SFG

I still remember my quizzical response to my soon-to-be husband's plan to build a [fill in the blank name of those early projects]. As a veteran software engineer, the lack of calloused hands betrayed his confident stance in the arena of carpentry. How could this be, that he was so capable in manual labor?

His craft has proven itself. A treehouse, a shed, two decks . . .and the list goes on. I stand in awe of the variety of skill sets my guy employs. As I've stated before, Gil seems capable of fixing absolutely anything, MacGyver style, hence the nickname: McGilver.

I knew when I began my Square Foot Garden project that his aid would be invaluable, and that, as my knight in shining armor, he'd come running to my side, assisting me in the process.

He didn't follow the proposed frame-making outline in the book . . .but he got the job done just the same! Here is one finished frame, the start of our family's SFG 2009:

Isn't it handsome? I can already envision several frames, filled with delicious treats ~ the fruit of the earth grown to fill us.

HooooBoy! My mouth is watering already!! :D


Karen (KayKay) said...

Looks great! It will be gardening weather before too long.

dixiecup12 said...

Gil comes by the MacGyver thing honestly. Has Buz ever told you about all of the things he has rigged over the years? I remember he once fixed something on our old Chevette with a tomato paste can and wire. You are lucky that your kids aren't embarrassed by Gil's skills like I was of Buz's. He is definitely the best dad ever but that man can still make me turn 100 shades of red with the things he does.

Beware Mr Keller has the MacBroussard genes...I pray he gets the majority of his way from you. If not then oh least he will give you tons of inspirations for a lifetime of writing. LOL

Monica said...

I love this idea! What are you planning to grow in yours?

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