Tuesday, February 17, 2009

His Mother's Eye

I see him filling out now, this boy growing in our midst. He's still a boy-child in so many ways. Not rushing his progression into adult-hood; not pressing him to leave behind the child-like adventures his mind contrives, this has been my plan all along. Let youth enjoy youth as long as possible.

So he grows. As his rib cage thickens and his hands and feet tell the story of his soon-to-be adult height, I see his father in him. I allow my mind to wander, and wonder just how much of his father's frame he will inherit.

Then, inconspicuously, my growing boy brings me his latest endeavor with the camera ~ and it is obvious: he has his mother's eye, through and through.

Nice work with the camera, son. I approve. The angles, the distance, the focus . . .they all tell the story.

The story of you ~ in a window of time that I shan't easily forget.

I love you.


knit1kids4 said...

Love the picture and the post! Times are fleeting, aren't they?

pickzell said...

steps ascend crudely
betraying the journeyman
revealing the man

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