Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Raisin In The Son

Dear Lifetime Friend (you know who you are!) ~

One might think that the vine upon which your grape came to fruition was haphazardly constructed as the Vine of Best Choice to nurture your life's flavor. Surely the Creator was mistaken in pairing you with such a bitter, sandy soil; with such a strapling, twining vine seeking to sap life force out of the fruit and reroute that life back into it's lush leaves.

It is not so.

He was not mistaken.

You see, the Vine of Best Choice by His standard is the very reason why your fruit is full of sweet, decadent, and savory taste. The Life which you exude refreshes all those who come in contact with you. Instead of bitter fruit, the hardness of the task of developing to maturity brought goodness, integrity, compassion, and love. When pressed, the fragrance of the Vine Dresser comes forth.

Had you not been placed in such a vine, it would not have been so.

I would like to point out to you that the Creator has not yet finished His perfect work in you. While you've enjoyed the days of plumpness, as the days continue and the Son continues to warm you upon the vine . . . as you approach your 50th birthday ~

Please note:

The Lord is forming a raisin in the Son.

Wrinkled and darkened by the shifting of seasons, but still delicious. Paired with longevity now, there is no place where your nutritive value cannot bring health.

So, pull up your rocker, my friend, and rock with me awhile.

The sound of the boards creaking beneath us will soothe your soul, and we will sing our own song of praise to Him.

Happy Birthday, Friend. In Advance.


Your Forever Friend said...

You brought tears to my eyes - I knew you'd understand - thanks for the kind words, and the recognition of who I am in HIM!

I'm glad you and Beth connected today - and that you and she were able to look ahead to good days ahead, while understanding the difficulties that currently seem to abound.

A Raisin in the Son - ..... I am blessed beyond measure.

Let the Adventure be planned and COMMENCE! I can't wait!!!

Beth said...

That is beautiful, Angi. What a sweet friend you have.
Happy Birthday, Angi's Friend.

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