Friday, January 02, 2009

Konversation Korner: Kat Fancy

"Hey, Keet! Didja see that? Huh? Huh?" Keller asked, excitedly, as Keeton looked on. A fast moving, furry object had just run up on deck.

"Just lookit the size of that thing! I wonder if we can catch it?!"

"I dunno." said Keeton. "Lemmee see if I can get my arms around this wiggly, furry thing . . ."

"Be careful, Keeton! Ya never know if one of these critters might be dangerous!" Keller said, cautiously.

"Hm. It didn't bite ya? Let me examine it's haunches. Here, kitty, kitty. Nice kitty . . ."

"Aww, Keller! He looks pretty friendly to me! See? The kitty is showing me some love!" said Keeton. "I think I'll love her back!"

"Um, kitty? Kitty? Come back ~ please?? Whasssumatter? Huh?" Keeton implored of the feline.

Smart kats know the Kboyz are best had in small doses at a time!


Wendy said...

The Kboyz rock. :)

Mrs.Stewart said...

you are such a good storyteller. Precious.

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