Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Annual Assessment

Experienced by a parent on her drive home from town with her 14 year old son in tow, munching happily on Sonic Chili Cheese Fries, made possible *only* by his mother's contribution of travel:

Son: "So, Mom. How well do you feel you've parented your son today?"

Mom [curious as to where this is going]: "Well, lessee. This morning we had a lengthy conversation about your current musical endeavors. Then, I cracked the whip on you and your school work. After that, I made a trip to town possible for you, and we'll be doing a school session this evening together. Add to that ~ you've clothing, food in your tummy and a roof over your head. I guess I'd say . . .7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10."

Son: "Hm."

Mom: "So, do you agree with my assessment?"

Son: "Nope. I'd give you a 5.5"

Mom: "Really? Why is that? What would you have me change?"

Son: "I need you to give me $10,000."

Mom: "$10,000? For what?"

Son: "A new car."

Mom: "That's bribery."

Son: "Doesn't matter. It's the only thing that can improve your score."

With a minimum of two years yet until he reaches legal driving age, I'm really hoping this is an annual assessment. I'm not quite ready to pony up the cash . . .


Beth said...

I am hoping that isn't a criteria for my Dc. Krysie is already at driving age, but she has to wait till we get to Alaska to get her permit & license. I don't see a car or cash in her future anytime soon.

Theresa said...

You've got to admire his ingenuity!

Luke said...



mary grace said...

You've spawned a playboy, my dear. A charming playboy, but a playboy no less. :-)

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