Friday, December 26, 2008

Mile Marker

Today is my 600th post.

The blogosphere has been good for me. Good to me.

I appreciate my readers that have journeyed alongside.
I delight in the new friends I've made as a result of my choice to blog.
I'm grateful for the record, the journaled trail that is in place.

Therefore, today, I set a mile marker of sorts in place. Let's toast to a great ride thus far ~ and look forward with anticipation the expedition yet to come.


~ Denise ~ said...

Congrats o' woman of words! ;)

Sharon (sk) said...

Congratulations! I love being able to read and keep up with you. The short time we worked along side our kids with the weekly co-op was such a blessing to me. Getting to know you was such fun... I am very blessed by your friendship! :)

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