Thursday, November 27, 2008

Round Two:

Everyone disappeared while I finished the dinner dishes. Curious, I headed out-of-doors to find them.

What is that I-spy? The men ~ a huntin' firewood to build a bon fire later tonight.

See that? No, it's not a Satsquatch. That's the GilGuy, utilizing his cave-man prowess to pull a branch in to the hacienda.

But wait! Who has time for fires when the Belle of the ball has arrived . . .with homemade pie in hand???
to be Thanksgivingly continued . . .


Dawn Sodini said...

I like the hair! And the beautiful pix of the whole family! You look so relaxed and at peace.

Andrea said...

Hi Angie!!!

Your family is just guh-OR-GOUS!!

What a sweet TG....

I am THANKFUL for your friendship...


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