Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Of Newness and Novelty

All a matter of perspective these occasions are.

For me, ansgt was beginning to creep in. Keller was growing out of his car seat. An infant car seat. While I was thankful I'd not needed to make a purchase prior to now, I knew I could not delay much longer, if I wished for my child's safety to be at the forefront.

Keller? He thought it was great fun trying out the different models on display: in-store.

It was *quite* a different matter when the new carseat was actually installed in the car and he had to ride in it!
Notice his introspective stance?
The chagrin on his face for having to be buckled in?
Yep. A matter of persective I tell ya.
*This new carseat brought to you courtesy of Grandpa Buzz and Grandma V. Happy Birthday, Keller!


Mom to 4 Sweeties said...

WOW! He is looking SO big!! What a sweetie!!

Wanted to pass along the link to my car-seat blog entries. They have some great resources and info about car seats. Thought you might be interested!

New update about booster safety:

mary grace said...

ABCDana is going to be so disappointed in you. Evenflo?!? For shame, for shame. :-)

~ Denise ~ said...

aww...look who's the big guy! ;)

gosh, I miss him already.

Beth said...

"Happy Birthday"?! Already???!!!
I can't believe Keller is already seems we just saw him as a wee babe, cradled in your arms on the fieldtrip to the newspaper!

Hadias said...

A very cute carseat for a very cute boy.

Angi,regarding your question about the scent of home made laundry soap, I will say that the Fels Naptha carries a very strong perfumy scent. It's a scent that I am not very fond of but it does have a scent.

That applies to the dry detergent. However, the liquid deteregent does not have much of a scent since the Fels Naptha is dilluted by so much water.

If you find a soultion for scenting the soap with floral or citrus scents please let me know.

I use Downy jasmine scented fabric softener sheets which really make the need for scented detergent obsolete.

Have a blessed day Ang, and thanks for visiting.

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