Friday, October 03, 2008

Keller St John: Year One

The morning light declared it was later than usual as I scooped him up and snuggled back into the big bed for breakfast. He was wide awake, and a tad mischeivious, flashing me that semi-toothless grin that steals my heart.

The morning routine went off without a hitch. A fresh stash of corn puffs held his attention while I meandered the checking of email, and some Bible reading. Pretty soon, he managed to scootch from one couch to the other, and I put my reading aside.

Oh this little boy.

What he has brought to my life is almost indescribable.

I've a chance at redeeming lost moments with my olders, simply because I'm older and wiser, and more patient.

But he's not a fix-it-baby. He's a gem, a gift, a long-held quiet dream that I'd have a child in my forties.

He's curious and smart in quietly inquisitive ways, yet social and engaging.

I continually hear from strangers how cute he is; how he looks like a "Little Man", an "Old Soul." There is always an exclamation at his petite stature, and surprise at the discovery of his age.

Keller is friendly, and usually reels 'em in with a serious character study followed by a wide grin.

This little boy is certain to be very much like his Daddy.

Which, of course, is all right with me.

It's the closest I can get to a clone ladies.

*Please take a number, and move to the back of the line.*



Ivana The said...

Hi Angela. By seeing your pics, I can see that your little baby is a busy baby ^_^. How old is he?

warmest Regards,


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Keller.

Congratulations and give your Mama a big ole hug!

I can't believe it has been a whole year. :o)

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday, dear Keller!!

wow.... a whole year!! :)

Heidi said...

His eyes tell such good stories.

Happy birthday, sweet one!

Dawn Sodini said...

Happy Birthday! Keller St. John - Miracle baby!

Traci said...

Happy Birthday Keller!

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