Monday, September 29, 2008

So This Webcam Thing . . .

I could be hooked.

Keller has spoken to his Daddy, watched his Daddy, listened to his Daddy several times now.

Late last night, as my girlfriend and I, along with Keller, entered the Cali pad, L'il Man made a very specific and pointed request. Via gestures and a heavy body lean out of my arms, he reached for the computer.

I knew immediately what he wanted.

He wanted his Daddy.

I Skyped him up.



Joyce said...

That is so sweet. Maybe his first sentence will be: Can we Skype Daddy?


Annette said...

This just warms my heart. How sweet and knowing of him.

Beth said...

Hurray for technology! I'm so glad you have been able to see Dh. It is so neat that Keller recognizes his Daddy in the computer!

Karen said...

How sweet! Technology can be a very good thing.

Mrs. B. said...

My hubby is leaving for some work training this weekend and will be gone for 5 weeks. We got a webcam and were hoping that it would help babycakes maintain a relationship with daddy (not to mention MY relationship with him, LOL). This is very encouraging! And also, very, very sweet!

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