Saturday, September 27, 2008

Live! From California . . .

My husband can be practical and prudent almost to a fault. (Of course, he'd say I'm impractical and impetuous to the same degree. Eh. Opposites attract, right?) :)

Quite some time has passed since I made request of him to invest $40 bucks into a webcam. He didn't want to do it. Seems he recalled that his camera had webcam capabilities, and, not wanting to overlap functionality, it seemed far-fetched to make a new purchase.

Not wanting to nag, nor frustrate him, I've languished in the land of 'if only' - relinquishing any hope that he'd ever look up the data on his camera, and, that most likely, that he'd forgotten the request altogether.

Well, interesting things happen when one prays. A couple of weeks ago, Gil and I had prayed that the Lord would open a door, that Gil not miss Keller's first birthday milestone. It would seem poignantly sad to miss such an auspicious occasion. He'd never have opportunity to celebrate such a first again. Was it worth it to miss it? Was a birthday really such a big deal that he should even consider it?

Of course, in my realm, I wanted Gil to fly out and spend the weekend with us. [Insert reminder of practical and prudent here.]

Imagine my surprise this morning when, unprodded, my GilGuy reports that he has researched the camera capabilities. The results? Nada on the webcam. This information means that a new device is necessary!

I almost can't contain my excitement! Very shortly my man will return home from the local retail discount store with hardware in hand.

I've not laid eyes on my guy for six weeks.

Where's the boom mike?!?

{tap, tap, tap!}

"Am I on??"

Thank You, Lord, for this gift. I am giddily grateful!!


Dawn Sodini said...

I was just wondering about the very birthday in question! Happy B'day Keller! Happy celebration, Keller's mommy and daddy.

dixiecup12 said...

Yay!! But can he operate the cam with his broken thumb? LOL.That man will endure the pain to see your face I am sure. Great news that even if he can't be there in person for Keller's birthday he can watch the celebration via webcam. It will be bittersweet.

Hadias said...

Good for your. Isn't it great when we win our husbands over. Have a great weekend.

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