Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's All Relative.

No matter which way you slice it,

The similarities are striking;

the differences noticeable ~

The fun?

Times two!!

*Desoto Dell Dimension and Capernicus Magellen: half brother schnauzers.

Angi and D? The two crazy chicks who love them.


LeAnne said...

oh gosh, too cute!!!!

i want one..

a schnauzer that is :)

Monica said...

I'm not really a dog person, but those two guys are pretty cute! ;)

mary grace said...

Am I allowed to say that Dell is the cuter of the two? Will D put out a hit on me???

Mom to 4 Sweeties said...

SO cute!! Great pictures!!

Karen/flutter2you said...

I see you "photo-journal" every great ADVENTURE, and have now included the canines!

I don't know as I'd fly Trey out on our next visit, but it sure would be fun to consider it!

Glad you have someone there to help with the loneliness - and as for the pursuit of getting into the house, as aired on YouTube.... I'm not surprised!!!! Nor am I surprised that it is out there for all to see!!!

Beth said...

Great photo's! I love our Miniature Schnauzers! They are the best dogs...and pretty cute too.

Great shot of you and D. too.

~ Denise ~ said...

oh, Mary Grace.

(said with head tilted to the side, lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed...) is surely in the of the beholder...

ha! jk - Dell was the one who started my Schnauzer love. ;) Wait till you see my new baby coming in October (Newton da Vinci) and then we'll have 3 to compare. lol

~ Denise ~ said...

oops! I meant "eye of the beholder"

sheesh! where's my coffee?

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