Saturday, August 23, 2008

Konversation Korner Volume 7: Krazy Keeton Kwickie

"Pssst!" Hey you guys! I haven't seen my Uncle Keller in six weeks! I'm gonna surprise him! Watch!" Keeton said, mischievously.

"Oh, Mom! Must you always take pictures? Can't you see I'm busy playing, walking around this table?" said the unsuspecting Keller.

"Huh? What was that noise? Whassat???! Umm, something moved down here! MOM!!"

"SURPRISE KELLER!" said Keeton triumphantly, popping up from under the table, Cheezit's in hand.

"Man, that was fun!" said Keeton.

"You are too cute for your own good!" said Gram.



Annette said...

Keeton is such a little boy. Such a happy boy too.

Joyce said...

So cute!! Were they just thrilled to see each other?

I still remember how excited they were to ride in the backseat together. Love that thought!!

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