Monday, August 04, 2008

Good Medicine

I know it's Monday morning, so I thought I'd start your week off right, by presenting a little known factoid about myself, and a demonstration of agility by my daughter.

This post might be more for me than it isfor you. After all, this morning, my heart is in about three counties, each segment crying, searching, looking for it's better half(ves). I would suppose it's time to break out the laughter ~ the Good Medicine.

What's the problem? you might ask? Never mind that. It's more important to find the solution. In an effort to accomplish just that, let's discuss the little known factoid about me.

I have a perception of myself, supported throghout the years by the comments and entertainment of others, that I have a pretty good sense of humor. That perception also includes the knowledge that my humor tends to run in the intellectual department in the form of play on words, wit, verbiage, the sublties thereof, etc. Since my word play is heightened, it really shouldn't come as any suprise that I am less likely to use physical comedy, such as Stupid Human Tricks or bodily noises to elicit guffaws.

One might also conclude that children, and some (okay, ALOT) of [adult] men still digress to this type of childish play to entertain themselves. Me? Uh, no. My husband, the loveable GilGuy, tells me that this is because I lack the Play Gene.

Well, whatever. Take that wrestling noise in the other room, will you?

Yet on the rare occassion that the stars line up with Jupiter in a just so fashion, and I've my attention trained on the children in a more relaxed environ, it does not escape me in the least, nor do I hold back my [irresistible] urge to laugh out loud and cry tears when my daughter pulls out her greatest feat of physical comedy.

May I introduce you to a subset of Stupid Human Tricks - The Stupid Nostril Trick - yes . . .The Opposite of Nostril Flare.

Ready? Here we go:
Here is Aubrey ~ pretty as a picture . . .one would never know the beast within by that beautiful smile, now would they?

You can tell, she's thinking, thinking, thinking . . . I call this the Preparation Phase.

Then, she does it! A quick flick of the wrist, and a pinch . . .

Produces this ghastly thing:

And she receives her first chortle from her intended audience. She rests, with a quick intake of air for round two.

Egads! It improves! And like a good wine, she elicits a ::snort:: or two from the burgeoning crowd, now gathering about.

During a half-beat of rest, whilst the audience has let down it's guard, she pulls a fast one, not employing any external pressure tools . . .and simply UN-flares her nostrils by sheer will of force:

Double Egads! someone puh-lease call the Grinch-Police! Surely that is a face only he could love!

Of course, this delights her to no end, so she pauses to take in the love:

As one can tell, I am in dire straights today.

In the immortal words of the Pioneer Woman, I close with this:

"I'm sorry."

{Where is my blankie? Anyone? Have you seen it?}


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:22


Annette said...

Still lovely nonetheless. :)

mary grace said...

She is going to love you for posting those photos. No, really. LOVE YOU. :)

Traci said...

Oh my goodness that is hilarious! She really is beautiful (well in the first and last pic anyway). I'm imagining that she got you in a famous LOL right?

Hadias said...

What a hoot. I love to read your stories. You really are able to put the experience on paper (well blog) so that we (your) readers are able to experience your words.

Great post.

charlotte said...

I have seen some photos of you on this blog that speak to physical humor. I think they probably come by it naturally.

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